The management of the HACCP plan is a part of Food Safety Management System (FSMS), elements are incorporating in ISO 22000 too. HACCP plan is essential in the food industry to reduce the risks and implement measures to limit the probability of their occurrence. This approach necessitates the collection of numerous data and documentation.

What were the encountered difficulties? 

Several HACCP plans were defined internally (in the form of Excel files), corresponding to the number of sectors in the company. Product sheets were associated with these HACCP plans, as well as manufacturing diagrams and CCP/PRPO decision trees. 

The first step was to find a way to pool all this data in a single application. The HACCP plans had to be grouped in a single place, as well as the product sheets, the manufacturing diagrams and the decision trees. 

To access the necessary and required information, the EHS and Quality departments will only need to filter its search to obtain the document, without having to through multiple Excel files.

The company was also experiencing difficulties with its hazard analysis document validation process. It was therefore necessary to find a way to facilitate this validation internally. 

What solutions did BlueKanGo provide? 

BlueKanGo developed, in collaboration with the client, applications dedicated to the hazard analysis process. 

Thanks to a digital platform, it is possible to filter data in relation to a given sector: one can access the product sheets and the manufacturing diagram associated with the sector in question, the hazard analysis relative to the sector, as well as the decision tree. 

The decision tree is accessible directly from the hazard analysis: during the identification phase of a new hazard, a numerical questionnaire is proposed, and the tool will determine whether it is a CCP or a PRPO according to the selected answers.

Thanks to the “CCP/PRPO Determination” application, the EHS and Quality departments have instant access to the list of all CCPs/PRPOs listed in the company. This can be very useful during audits. 

The platform also includes a search bar, which enables a given product sheet to be found quickly, based on the entered keywords. 

Regarding the validation circuit, the traceability system integrated into the tool provides digital access to the history of all changes made. Each member of the HACCP team (associated with the validation circuit) must validate the document to be officially approved.


The BlueKanGo tool helps the client to optimize the procedures related to hazard analysis and product sheet consultation. 

In addition to these applications, it can be useful for companies in the food industry to implement other modules dedicated to:

Digitized forms, accessible on smartphones/tablets, allow all these activities to be carried out on the field and in real-time.

If you are interested in digitizing your HACCP plan, discover the application: 

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