Risk management and vigilance

This app helps you to report the adverse events regardless of their origin (drug circuit, equipment, personal safety, etc…). Each concerned party will receive alerts and notifications to make decisions concerning corrective actions. This will automatically feed your risk indicators performance, your risk mapping and you can use the lastst integrated risk analysis methods (ALARM, ORION, Crex, patient tracking…).

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Patient satisfaction survey

Build your own survey for your department or use a template to help you. Thanks to workflows and dashboards, you will save up to 50% of your time thanks to digital surveys. Collect the information and analyse the feedback to measure your level of quality. This is available thanks to a fast, modern and efficient tool. It’s also a better experience for patients. In addition, it will allow you to easily understand their feedback.

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Occupational Risks and Single Assessment template

As a Healthcare Institution, you pay attention to the quality of care (QoC). Use our application to follow up on work accidents, occupational diseases or medical visits. It helps you with managing authorisations, training and the risk assessment template. This will allow an easy and effective implementation of your prevention plan.

Create and analyze anonymous Psychosocial Risk (PSR) and Quality of Work Life (QWL) surveys with guaranteed confidentiality. Take good care of your employees thanks to “Occupational Risks and The Risk Assessment Template” application.

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