(Electronic Document Management)

An EDM is the foundation for a well-functioning document system for quality processes. This app allows employees to access all of their Quality documents (protocols, notes, etc.), anywhere and anytime. An EDM manages the distribution of documents. It will ensure that all users have access to the latest versions of their documents.
It is possible to manage the life cycle (writer/verifier/approver) of all documents, while having the possibility to consult the history of the modifications made

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Self Assessment App

A self-assessment application is a “must have” to prepare a certification (ISO, NF…) in the best conditions. You can identify possible infractions in order to correct them. For each criterion of the standard, you have the possibility to associate various pieces of evidence (audit report, indicators, associated actions). Save time in preparing your certification. You can be assured that you will have all the evidence you need during the audit.

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Non-conformance and claims

As a Quality Manager, you often lack the time and resources to analyze all the data related to non-conformances and complaints, which may be scattered across several tools. Yet, non-conformance management is essential to an effective quality management system (QMS). With BlueKanGo, you centralize your documents and procedures in a single application, identify and analyze your risks and improve productivity. Discover the solution:

Non-conformance Management App