What were the difficulties faced by the organization?

The company used to do everything on paper, which caused delays in production, traceability issues and difficulties in conducting controls during the production process.

Many records were written and completed on paper, which meant a risk of error or even loss of information. The dissemination of documents was not optimal; for example, with paper records, reports should be made, which had to contain the auxiliary materials and other products. Without complete information, incomplete reports would be generated.

Control activities required a lot of time and generated pressure on the employees. For this reason, they decided to look for a digital tool to solve these problems and make the quality control processes more efficient.

What solutions did BlueKanGo offer to optimize quality management?

BlueKanGo took the existing processes, and their control documents and integrated them into applications that met the same needs in a digitized form concerning the following functionalities:

  • In-process control management
  • Non-conformance management
  • Document management: version and change history (alerts in case of changes)
  • Audit management: audit planning, checklist, specific scorecards, etc.
  • Global action plan 
  • Indicator management: definition and description of indicators
  • Best practice management

What have been the observed results by the users of the solution?

The implementation of single software for all users has allowed taking real-time photos, instead of sticking labels as proof. Thanks to this, they have a sample of how the product is at each hour of production. Regarding the issue of defects, if any were detected, the quality managers record them on the tablet to then automatically analyze them.

Regarding the management of consumption, they had to go through the production manager and then upload it to SAP. Now the production manager has their user account in the platform, can access the information recorded by the quality manager, and has all the necessary documentation separated by days and shifts with one click to make material withdrawals in SAP.

In summary, the platform has enabled them to:

  • Easily manage consumables
  • Digitize all paper documents and office processes
  • Centralize files in a single Electronic Document Manager for better control of documents.

Users appreciate having access to all elements in a common and easy-to-use interface. 


Thanks to digitization, with just one click it is possible to have a report that will be sent to the client or shown in quality audits or in processes with new clients that are being onboarded. With just one click, they have all the documentation, with the logo and all the personalized information. On the other hand, a digitized process facilitates the execution of actions, since they know in real-time the evolution process of complaints and non-conformances. Reports are automatically managed, and alerts are generated for each responsible department head.

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