ISO 26000 Standard Application

ISO 26000 is an established international standard which provides guidelines for CSR. The application identifies the impacts on the whole value chain, to define objectives and to set up measurable actions in accordance with the ISO 26000 standard.

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CSR Issues Analysis

With this module, you will be able to navigate efficiently through the stages of your CSR approach. BlueKanGo offers you a comprehensive solution to assess, plan, and implement your corporate social responsibility strategy. Identify your issues, involve your stakeholders in prioritizing these issues through custom questionnaires, generate your materiality matrix, and track your action plan with simplicity and transparency.

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Carbon Footprint Assessment & Transition Plan

Discover the Carbon Footprint Assessment & Transition Plan module of BlueKanGo’s CSR Solution, your ally for a Carbon Footprint assessment compliant with French ADEME standards. Simplify the collection and calculation of emissions across the 23 predefined categories. Set reduction targets and steer your transition towards carbon neutrality. With customizable features and easy export to formats required by ADEME, BlueKanGo accompanies you towards a more sustainable future.

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