Audit management

All EHS managers carry out audits, inspections or controls in the field. These missions are often carried out with difficulty using paper forms or office tools. It is time to move to a 100% digital management and save up to 50% of time in managing your audits. The Audit management app helps you to collect information with a smartphone or tablet. You can add annotations on photos to your reports. The reports are automated as well as the sending of the reports.

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ISO 45001

ISO 45001: 2018 standard is an internationally recognized methodology for reducing work-related injuries and illnesses and making the workplace safer and healthier. To get certified, your processes will be evaluated, as well as the procedures implemented related to the ISO standard. BlueKanGo helps you to collect and associate evidence for each requirement of the standard. You can also manage a preventive and corrective action plan (interactive dashboard). You have all the elements at your fingertips during the auditor’s visit.

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Permit to work

Permit to work can be a required document such as: the fire permit, the ATEX zone intervention authorisation, the prevention plan, the PPSPS, or any other document requiring an authorisation for the launching of the work. It can also be a “voluntary” document from the company to better manage its activities. The “Permit to work Management” app formalises all these documents for you and centralises them on a single platform. You will save precious time. The data is shared with the relevant stakeholders with individual and secure access rights.

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