To ensure the continuity of care and patient management, healthcare institutions must manage many other missions simultaneously. The management of hospital equipment and supplies are included. A well-coordinated supply chain ensures the continuity of activities and quality of care while improving efficiency. 

BlueKanGo’s goal was to provide CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Information System) solutions specifically to the healthcare industry.

What are the challenges faced by healthcare facilities? 

With the number of tasks and care services they provide throughout the day. It is sometimes difficult for healthcare professionals to find the time to manage their equipment and materials. Even if it is just to report damaged or missing items.

The institution’s needs are mainly: 

  • To report and monitor equipment intervention requests;
  • To have a preventive system to optimize the medical equipment inventory management: equipment referencing, list of the premises, piloting of the costs, management of stocks, requests for services…

The internal deployment of these processes requires time and a certain level of management maturity in the health institution. Moreover, the management of contracts and maintenance interventions will allow efficient monitoring of the suppliers, contractors and partners’ interventions and operations in the institution.

BlueKanGo has taken these issues into account to deploy and develop new applications adapted for healthcare institutions.

Which solutions does BlueKanGo provide? 

Curative maintenance: tickets 

BlueKango began by deploying a curative maintenance system for healthcare institutions via “tickets”. Your team can digitally edit their requests concerning equipment and material, and directly monitor the processing on the platform. 

The aim of these tickets is to facilitate the intervention requests, as well as their handling. 

Implementation of preventive management 

Furthermore, other applications have been developed for preventive management. This approach nevertheless requires some prerequisites from the establishment, such as the referencing of all the equipment to be monitored, as well as the premises. 

Thus, for each piece of equipment, it is possible to:

  • Access the history of all the interventions previously carried out (internal maintenance operations or periodic controls entrusted to external organizations); 
  • Generate automatic alerts (when a maintenance or supplier contract expires); 
  • Manage costs (related to maintenance and contracts with suppliers);
  • Manage the associated stocks. 

When conducting periodic maintenance and inspections, it is possible to regroup all the equipment by sector/activity (the fire extinguishers, elevators, etc.) to avoid the monitoring of the life cycle of each equipment’s serial number!

Vehicles in the fleet can also be included in this tracking system.

Other useful CMMS applications

Several other applications have been deployed by BlueKanGo as part of the CMMS. 

One of these applications tracks the declaration and processing of internal service requests, such as requests for painting work, green space services, or potential departmental moves. 

As for the applications dedicated to the monitoring of partners and suppliers, BlueKanGo has set up a periodic evaluation form and another for the management of non-conformities. This module makes it possible to manage the relationship with any type of supplier, according to a categorization that can be customized (type of supplier, type of internal service concerned, the field of activity of the provider, etc.)

For internal keyring management, digitized forms identify the distribution of passes, in order to track the associated movements. 

Finally, other applications have also been deployed to facilitate the management of skills within the teams. By the way, you can go to the application for welcoming newcomer. Based on the forms filled in, for example, by Human Resources or by the Technical Service Manager. The skills matrix makes it possible to quickly visualize the distribution of operational skills for each technical activity. 


The BlueKanGo software can be used to optimize the management of equipment and materials in healthcare facilities. 

It may be a good idea to start by deploying a corrective maintenance system. You should initially prepare the healthcare teams and make them ready for the next step, the preventive management implementation.

Digitalising your CMMS management with BlueKanGo

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