You’re looking for the best applications for your OHS Management systems (OHSMS)?
Discover in this ranking the 3 most efficient and requested applications by the BlueKanGo platform’s users to meet the expectations of OHS committees and Health and Safety Representatives

Integrated Management System

The “IMS” management tool dedicated to OHS environmental quality is a must-have application! It structures your whole organization to collect data, centralize and share it with your employees and partners in a secure way. It is perfect when you seek certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 standards. You can manage all the corrective actions in a global action plan to ensure a healthy, safe and secure workplace.

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HR/OHS management in companies

This application meets the due diligence obligation of employers regarding OHS. Companies must implement an efficient OHS program in order to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of workers. Thanks to this application and its digitized pre-configured forms, you can save time and have real-time data feedback. This feature will also allow you to be more responsive. OHS data is transmitted to the HR department through workflows. It’s useful for the preparation of an external or internal audit. All the proofs that you need are easily gathered.

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Administrative management of occupational
injuries, illnesses and disabilities

This application allows the total administrative management of occupational accidents, work-related diseases and disabilities: investigation and analysis, RRA, employee’s file and medical report, legal follow-up, temporary assignment, return-to-work procedure, cost management, etc. Your data is centralized in a single and scalable tool, where all procedures are accessible for all parties concerned.

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