The various modules of BlueKanGo EHS

BlueKanGo Risk prevention plan

Risk prevention plan

Co-activity is the source of numerous risks, and in some cases, workplace accidents. The Prevention Plan plays a crucial role in prevention and the necessary measures to be taken. Secure your sites and construction sites with BlueKanGo and its dedicated module.

BlueKanGo Workplace accident management (AM)

Workplace accident management (AM)

The costs of Workplace Accidents (AM) are colossal. Rely on BlueKanGo’s AT/MP module to reduce the bill and even achieve unexpected savings

BlueKanGo Risk Assessment Document

Risk Assessment Document

Risk prevention is not improvised! It relies on a regulatory framework and a recognized approach. An impeccable prevention policy involves the use of dedicated tools. With BlueKanGo, meet your obligations and track all your prevention actions.

BlueKanGo Audit & Inspection management

Audit & Inspection management

Internal and external audits, frequent and essential, require great rigor. However, they can be tedious. Reduce the time spent on your audits by 50% with BlueKanGo and its solution tailored to the field.

BlueKanGo ISO 14001 Self-assessment

ISO 14001 Self-assessment

Obtaining ISO 14001 certification requires that a company identifies, evaluates, and effectively controls environmental risks associated with its activities. Self-assessment is a key success factor that demands meticulous documentation and monitoring of every aspect of the standard.

BlueKanGo E Permit to Work (e-PTW)

E Permit to Work (e-PTW)

The work permit is used to regulate the activities of a company and the associated inherent risks. It is most often managed in paper or office file format. Extended administrative processing, limited accessibility, and traceability are all factors that limit its overall effectiveness.

BlueKanGo Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) management

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) management

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) management is an essential process in occupational hazard prevention. Rely on BlueKanGo to ensure the safety of employees, guarantee their comfort, and maintain their long-term commitment.

BlueKanGo ISO 45001 self-assessment

ISO 45001 self-assessment

ISO 45001 certification requires the effective identification, assessment, and control of health and safety risks (HSE). Self-assessment is a key factor for success. Rely on the leading HSE software BlueKanGo to be your best ally in this process.