1st Criterion: Think globally

Nowadays many companies have many tools to perform their daily tasks, however, these tools usually need to be connected, which is not the case. So data should be manually imported from one to another, which can lead to some loss of information.

Office tools, internal apps developed by the IT department, and other software installed on one site/location but not in HQ or elsewhere… In other words, good luck with finding your way through this maze of tools!

The most essential criterion to choose the best and most suited software for your company is to think globally. You should choose a tool that has many features and can be applied in many areas/departments! Such as EHS functions and Quality too, in addition to ESG tools to anticipate and prepare the new upcoming obligations, standards and sustainability reports.

So, review & sort out your tools, and invest in a single complete tool that will ensure the centralisation of your key data and facilitate the reporting of your activity…

2nd Criterion: Autonomy

The second criterion is “autonomy”. The days when you needed an army of developers or constantly contacted your IT department are over! Make wat for the No-Code solution!

Choosing a no-code solution gives you the possibility of being autonomous in the deployment of the solution in your company. After a session of training and skill development, you will be able to configure and customize the platform/solution without a need for super skill and knowledge in software development. It is a real revolution for users that are no longer bound to the editors of the solution to solve the slightest problem, modification or any other request. You will be able to do anything!

Therefore, it is the solution for guaranteeing a much faster ROI than going through traditional developments.

3rd Criterion: Collection of key elements and data

A fundamental criterion in the choice of an EHSQ solution is the ability of the software to collect the essential data related to your activity. Make sure that the solution has mobile apps and features that can greatly help your operational teams on the field. These apps on smartphones and tablets are automatically connected to the platform and can directly feed your action plan with the necessary information and therefore facilitate decision-making. These features will allow easy use of software and data collection during field operations and are especially accessible with an offline mode, which is essential in certain areas.
Finally, make sure that this solution interfaces with other key software in your information system such as HRIS, ERP, etc. to avoid duplicating entries and save everyone’s time.

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3 Criteria for Choosing an EHS & Quality Software in 2024


Published on 11 January 2024