What were the difficulties and challenges faced by this organisation?

The healthcare institution had an intranet that no longer met the needs of its users in terms of functionality and usability.

Many procedures were written and completed on paper, which meant long copying of information and a high risk of error with the double entry (or even loss of information). The documents’ sharing was not optimal (e.g. difficulty in finding out who had read the procedures, etc.). 

These tasks were time-consuming and not rewarding for medical staff. Digital technology helped to solve these problems and improve patient and employee satisfaction.

What solutions does BlueKanGo offer to solve this centre’s document management problem?

BlueKanGo considered existing documents and integrated them into applications that meet the same needs in a digitized form. This approach responds to existing needs. New needs and functionalities were identified and implemented. Here are the new features:

  • Document management: version and change history (alerts in case of changes)
  • Audit management: audit planning, checklist, specific scorecards, etc.
  • Risk management
  • Global action plan 
  • Management of checklists by topic: security rounds, ambulances, staff skills, blood bank, tobacco, meal preparation, medication management, etc.
  • Management of the “medical” file: evaluation of the clinical performance of doctors, insurance policies, diplomas, etc.
  • Indicator management: definition and description of indicators
  • Management of adverse events by topic: adverse events detection, medical errors, maltreatment, falls, morbidity and mortality, bedsores, etc.
  • Management of patient satisfaction/complaints: satisfaction and complaints questionnaire
  • Maintenance of equipment and facilities: records by equipment, requests for intervention and indicators.

What were the results and thoughts of the solution’s users?

The implementation of single software for all users has made it possible to:

  • Centralize and carry out audits, eliminating 100% of computer transcription of information (with customisable grids and checklists).
  • Easily perform A BlueKanGo customer, a healthcare institution, improves several processes: EDM, audit management, medical files…management
  • Digitize all paper and office procedure documents
  • Centralize files in a single Electronic Document Manager for greater document control
  • Save time and paper in distributing document control to employees
  • Centralize patient satisfaction management, to improve patient experience (and responsiveness) and
    to detect unpleasant events.

Users appreciate having access to all elements in a common, easy-to-use interface. 


The example of this healthcare facility demonstrates the ability of the solution to adapt to all needs. Digitization helps to ensure the maintenance of the activity and to optimize existing procedures. The solution is scalable, and the establishment can easily integrate new functionalities according to its new needs while benefiting from data pooling (one data entry is available in all other applications). Other external applications can be added to the platform via the API connection. Whatever the size of your institution and your speciality, the BlueKanGo solution will integrate easily into your healthcare institution. 

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