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BlueKanGo E-Permit to work

E-Permit to work

The permit to work is a document that authorizes a specified number of people to perform specific work at a defined location within a limited time frame. It describes the tasks to be carried out, the associated EHS hazards and the safety measures to be implemented.

BlueKanGo 3 Criteria for Choosing an EHS & Quality Software in 2024

3 Criteria for Choosing an EHS & Quality Software in 2024

Nan offers a concise guide to choosing business software by emphasizing three key factors. Firstly, the importance of global thinking, advocating for comprehensive solutions that adapt to modern business demands. Secondly, Nan discusses the significance of autonomy, pointing out the rise of “No-Code” solutions and their transformative impact on software deployment. Lastly, he highlights the crucial role of data collection, providing insights on selecting EHSQ solutions capable of integrating seamlessly with the company’s information system.

BlueKanGo Manage your non-conformities

Manage your non-conformities

In Nan’s insightful exploration of non-conformances, the essence of deviations within processes is illuminated. From minor hiccups to critical disruptions, the delineation between types of non-conformances becomes clear, guiding readers through detection, analysis, and effective management strategies. With a focus on real-time data and proactive solutions, the article presents a comprehensive framework for navigating the complexities of quality management.