The various modules of BlueKanGo Quality Management

BlueKanGo Best Apps for Quality Management System

Best Apps for Quality Management System

Are you looking for the best apps to manage your QMS?

Whether you are a Quality Manager, a Quality Control Director, a QEHS Engineer or Manager, this type of tool allows you to manage your Quality Management System (QMS) digitally. Here is a selection of the 3 essential apps you need to make the right decisions.

BlueKanGo Digitize  your QMS for better efficiency

Digitize  your QMS for better efficiency

As an HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality) Manager, it’s essential to routinely perform audits to guarantee the efficient functioning of processes and activities within your organization. Sometimes, the primary hurdle you may encounter is the limited availability of time and resources, making it challenging to execute your mission effectively. Concurrently, you must verify that your documents and procedures align with regulatory and normative standards. The volume of data to analyze can be substantial, particularly when managing multiple certifications.

To help you with this task, here are the insightful tips from our expert, Nan Ra.

BlueKanGo Audit management

Audit management

Audits are an essential part of the QHSE process. All the company’s departments can be audited separately or at the same time (e.g. safety, quality, environment, hygiene…). They can be realized for inspections (to verify the conformity of the company’s system) or to get a specific certification. There are internal and external audits. In order to understand their importance and procedures, we asked our QHSE expert, Nan Ra, some questions.