The various modules of BlueKanGo CSRD report

BlueKanGo Analysis of CSR requirements

Analysis of CSR requirements

This is the first structuring stage in the CSR process, and includes the identification and inventorying of issues through various diagnostics,
then sampling and consultation of all Stakeholders (PP), as well as Governance, to arrive at the simple materiality matrix.

BlueKanGo ISO 26000 self-assessment

ISO 26000 self-assessment

The ISO 26000 is not certifiable but can be utilized for self-assessment. This is the approach BlueKanGo adopts; ISO 26000 requires a company to identify, assess, and effectively manage CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) risks associated with its activities. ISO 26000 self-assessment is a key success factor that demands meticulous documentation and monitoring of every aspect of the standard.

BlueKanGo EDM


Electronic Document Management (EDM) plays a crucial role in managing and organizing information within companies. Rely on BlueKanGo to ensure quick and easy access to electronic documents, eliminating the need for manual searches through stacks of paper.