The various modules of BlueKanGo Services

BlueKanGo Carbon Footprint & Transition Plan

Carbon Footprint & Transition Plan

This is the first structuring stage in the CSR process, and includes the identification and inventorying of issues through various diagnostics,
then sampling and consultation of all Stakeholders, as well as Governance, to arrive at the simple materiality matrix.

BlueKanGo Nonconformity management

Nonconformity management

Managing nonconformities is crucial to reducing non-quality costs. With BlueKanGo, your nonconformities (both internal and from suppliers) are automatically reported, therefore increasing the efficiency of analysis and processing.

BlueKanGo Audit & Inspection management

Audit & Inspection management

Internal and external audits, frequent and essential, require great rigor. However, they can be tedious. Reduce the time spent on your audits by 50% with BlueKanGo and its solution tailored to the field.