The various modules of BlueKanGo HSE Management

BlueKanGo Manage the HACCP Plan

Manage the HACCP Plan

BlueKanGo helped a major meat processing company to optimize its hazard assessment process. Dedicated applications were created to facilitate the management of the HACCP plan, product sheets, manufacturing diagrams and the identification of associated CCPs/PRPOs. 

BlueKanGo Taking PPE Management to the next Level!

Taking PPE Management to the next Level!

The PPE management is often time-consuming and sometimes undervalued. However, it is important to ensure safe and secure working conditions. How to efficiently conduct the PPE management? How can you manage and monitor your employees’ training and be less time-consuming? Check out the answers to these questions with our expert: Nan Ra, Q & EHS Specialist and Content Manager.

BlueKanGo Risk management

Risk management

Nan, an experienced professional in Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), discusses the crucial role of risk management in contemporary business settings. Emphasizing the importance of internal audits and strategic assessments, Nan advocates for mitigating the impact of vulnerabilities on business strategies. Through thorough risk assessment and leveraging digital platforms, Nan highlights proactive measures to enhance organizational resilience in today’s dynamic environment.