The various modules of BlueKanGo Audit management

BlueKanGo Nonconformity management

Nonconformity management

Managing nonconformities is crucial to reducing non-quality costs. With BlueKanGo, your nonconformities (both internal and from suppliers) are automatically reported, therefore increasing the efficiency of analysis and processing.

BlueKanGo Risk Mapping

Risk Mapping

Risk mapping is a central element of your QHSE management. BlueKanGo helps you identify, assess, and prioritize risks associated with your processes using a rating scale. Analyze risks using cause analysis methods and be alerted in critical situations.

BlueKanGo Supplier and Service Provider Management

Supplier and Service Provider Management

The selection and monitoring of suppliers require rigorous oversight from QHSE managers to ensure compliance with the company’s needs. BlueKanGo ensures optimal management with associated performance indicators.