The various modules of BlueKanGo Alerts and notifications

BlueKanGo Carbon Footprint & Transition Plan

Carbon Footprint & Transition Plan

This is the first structuring stage in the CSR process, and includes the identification and inventorying of issues through various diagnostics,
then sampling and consultation of all Stakeholders, as well as Governance, to arrive at the simple materiality matrix.

BlueKanGo Risk prevention plan

Risk prevention plan

Co-activity is the source of numerous risks, and in some cases, workplace accidents. The Prevention Plan plays a crucial role in prevention and the necessary measures to be taken. Secure your sites and construction sites with BlueKanGo and its dedicated module.

BlueKanGo Workplace accident management (AM)

Workplace accident management (AM)

The costs of Workplace Accidents (AM) are colossal. Rely on BlueKanGo’s AT/MP module to reduce the bill and even achieve unexpected savings