The various modules of BlueKanGo

BlueKanGo Risk management

Risk management

Nan, an experienced professional in Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), discusses the crucial role of risk management in contemporary business settings. Emphasizing the importance of internal audits and strategic assessments, Nan advocates for mitigating the impact of vulnerabilities on business strategies. Through thorough risk assessment and leveraging digital platforms, Nan highlights proactive measures to enhance organizational resilience in today’s dynamic environment.

BlueKanGo Food Safety Culture (FSC)

Food Safety Culture (FSC)

Food Safety Culture (FSC) is a newly emphasized aspect of organizational behavior, defined by shared values impacting food safety, as recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). With recent regulatory updates in Europe, companies certified by IFS and BRC must integrate FSC requirements into their standards. Leveraging digital technology becomes essential in meeting these demands, offering efficient communication, training, and self-assessment tools to embed FSC principles effectively.