Are you looking for the best applications to manage your activity in the industrial and production sector? Discover our selection of essential applications adapted to the daily tasks of industrialists. Our applications collect data from manual entries (for example during an audit), and automated entries (with robotics and connected objects -IoT).

The applications are available and accessible on the BlueKanGo platform, they interconnect together (with data sharing) and are customizable.

Audit management

This is the most used application by our customers in the industry and production processes. You can plan and conduct internal audits and prepare yourself for external audits. Audit results are centralized on a single platform, where you can directly add observations, and notes and attach evidence (photos and videos) and notifications all in real time. You can link the results to actions on the Global Action Plan also available on the BlueKanGo solution.

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Quality Management System (QMS)

The QMS organizes a company’s quality policy and objectives through the implementation of a set of activities. You will save time and limit errors by digitizing your QMS (common data entry). Real-time data monitoring of your quality objectives achievement is possible and you can adjust your actions accordingly. You can share results in an automated way (workflows, validation circuits and electronic signature). You ensure the conformity and compliance of your processes thanks to the certifications (ISO 9001).

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Manufacturing checklist

In a multi-site context, you will ensure that tasks are carried out in compliance with strict procedures to guarantee the quality of your products and the safety of your teams. Harmonize and optimize your procedures by creating manufacturing checklists. You can illustrate them with photos, videos and annotations in just a few clicks.

Real-time notification allows you to send/alert an employee to a work instruction, even from a distance. This contributes to fast, efficient job start-up.

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Our industrial customers appreciate the diversity of our applications associated with Electronic Document Management (EDM). Our solution adapts to an existing organization, whether it is multi-site or not, even on an international level, while optimizing the flow of information. Our applications are available in several languages and respond to the competitive and international context of Industry 4.0.