Abu Dhabi and Dubai are among the most dynamic cities in the United Arab Emirates and the world. Every day, many construction sites are active to keep up with the economic growth of the UAE. Construction is an accident-prone sector. To reduce the risks, Clause 13 of Article 13 of Federal Decree-Law No. 33 of 2021 on the Regulation of Labour Relations in the Private Sector (the UAE labour law), specifies: the employer is obliged to provide a safe and appropriate work environment to his employees.

Bluekango has worked with various companies in the world to improve their site safety management. Bluekango provided the construction sites with a dedicated digital platform for site safety management. The tool makes it possible to manage both site safety and worker safety (OHS)  aspects: administrative documents, EHS plans, risk management, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), work inspection, skills management, training, site safety sign, etc.

To find out which apps are best for EHS, see below:

Risk assessment

This is the most used application by our clients. They use it for improving their site enforcement, for example, risk assessment of work at height. The application helps to monitor, verify and approve processes with a digitised Risk assessment strategy.   You can manage risk assessment globally (risk mapping, etc.) and more precisely, directly in the field (similar to an excel template). You benefit from a report template about electrical work, painting works, fall prevention…

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Audit Management

Audit management application is a must-have for companies with strong implemented risk management processes. Indeed, after many risk assessments, this can lead to a lot of audits, which are time-consuming and can lead to the risk of errors: copying data or using the wrong version of the excel file.  With the BlueKanGo application, you can use customised forms and checklists, which are pre-filled and pre-configured. This will save you precious time and reduce errors. This process also harmonises your audit grids to better compare and track results. 

You can easily edit inspection reports thanks to this application.

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PPE is essential for site management and is sometimes considered a time-consuming task. To help companies, with the PPE management application, you will know in real-time,  the inventory and the state of your protective equipment. Ensure that workers use PPE correctly. Save time and track your inventory, in addition, to alerts and notifications to inform you about broken or missing items thanks to BlueKanGo’s application. Be sure that workers are well-trained for safety. Follow indicators and share instructions with your team.

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