Companies from the aerospace industry can rely on digital technology to meet high standards of quality and safety. However, the various software on the market is often generalist and does not easily meet the needs of your structure and the specificities of the aeronautical professions. Discover the most used applications for BlueKanGo solutions designed specifically for the daily tasks of the aerospace industry. 

Ground Operations management (IATA standard)

Ground handling companies can comply with the ISAGO (IATA) standards for audits thanks to our application. In a few clicks, you can conduct your safety audits for ground operations, and attach the evidence for each criterion, and all is centralised in a single tool. You can identify risks and pilot preventive and corrective actions. The application is adapted to the field, and audits can be carried out on a mobile version and in offline mode.

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Aeronautical Quality Management System

Managing an efficient and evolving quality system is complex. It works thanks to the involvement and engagement of the staff, so you need a complete and intuitive application to carry out and plan your quality audits. You will save time with pre-recorded checklists and pre-filled fields in a shared database. You can share the results in an automated way (workflows, validation circuit and electronic signature).

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Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Management

Managing ground equipment is a daily task for all companies. It is essential for anticipating the needs of your operations, managing teams and planning the maintenance and purchase of equipment and vehicles.

Users must be rigorous to perform these tasks which are generally time-consuming. The GSE application automates the management of equipment: list of equipment, vehicles, status, schedule of mandatory maintenance, alerts in case of unavailability, issuance of work orders to the maintenance team and a dashboard to monitor inventories and equipment status. The service providers are integrated, and you can also rate them.

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Our industrial customers appreciate the diversity of our applications associated with Electronic Document Management (EDM). Our solution adapts to your current organisation while modernising processes. Our applications are available in several languages and respond to the competitive and international context of the aerospace industry.

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