Why use the "Sustainable Development" software?

BlueKanGo offers a unique opportunity to assess your company's overall performance in terms of sustainable development, management and decarbonisation. The tool allows you to self-assess and rapidly react to optimise costs internally. A complete and integrated solution for carbon management and energy efficiency.

Sustainable development software is a creative digital tool that generates, uses, transmits, or sources electronic data for organizational activities to achieve SDGs.

This software will help your organization assess your overall performance in terms of sustainable development, management, and decarbonization. You will be able to reduce negative environmental impact, have responsible decision making (decision making based on data), and a specialist and responsible management.

Additionally, this tool will allow you to self-assess and rapidly react to optimize costs internally. A complete and integrated solution for carbon management and energy efficiency in the environmental fields.

Calculate your greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint
(ADEME, French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management)

As greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are divided into three scopes, it is possible to calculate the greenhouse gas emissions balance (called "BEGES") based on scopes 1 and 2. The study of scope 3 will enable the implementation of a complete carbon assessment. The "BEGES" for a company is used to evaluate the quantity of greenhouse gases emitted (or captured) each year into the atmosphere.

The "BEGES" is mandatory for French companies with more than 500 employees.

6 good reasons to choose the application:

  • Easily implementing dedicated standards and labels (ISO 14001, ISO 26000, B Corp Label).
  • Sustaining the company's overall performance (benefits, costs, etc.).
  • Controlling its environmental impact.
  • Checking regulatory compliance in terms of sustainable development. 
  • Improving information fluidity and accessibility.
  • Monitoring the situation in real time.

Main features :

  • Measuring and representing social, societal, environmental and economic impacts;
  • Global action plan centralising preventive/corrective actions ;
  •  Personalised display of news feeds ;
  • Up-to-date procedures/protocols available to employees;
  •  Alerts and reminders on news and updates;
  •  Safety coordination with external companies;
  •  Evaluation of regulatory compliance in Health, Safety and Security at Work thanks to a company-specific reference system.
  • Management of periodic inspections (Monitoring plan) ;
  •  Collection and consolidation of social data in order to better manage social performance and automate the creation of reports ;
  •   Carrying out audits and investigations (Incident/work accident investigation);
  • Risk assessment in Occupational Health and Safety and the Single Document;
  •  Assessment of employee exposure to risks (exposure sheets - arduousness at work).


Strengths of the BlueKanGo solution:

  • Permanent update included in the offer
  • Native integration of the offer to your BlueKanGo platform
  • SaaS platform accessible on all browsers
  • Accessible from anywhere (at work or at home)
  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • Support with personalised follow-up
  • Multilingual


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