Why use the application “Stewarding / Economat” in your company?

The Stewarding Manager has several missions including inventory management, and purchasing of supplies and goods.

The Stewarding-Economat application helps the management of inventory and supplies within the hotel. Save time thanks to checklists dedicated to the inventory of materials, while having a direct overview of the economat. The inventory of goods can be done directly on the application, even without an Internet connection.

As for the reception of goods, a dedicated tool allows you to facilitate their control at reception via pre-filled digital forms.The electronic signature module allows you to confirm the delivery.


4 good reasons for choosing our application:

  • Manage your merchandise inventory on one tool;
  • Centralize all your information and share it securely with your team and your suppliers;
  • Save time by entering data on pre-configured forms;
  • Reduce the risk of error in data entry.


Main features:

  • Inventory management;
  • CMMS;
  • Product life cycle analysis;
  • Management of supply and merchandise purchases;
  • Supplier management (directory and evaluations);
  • Workflows;
  • Customized dashboards;
  • Statistical reporting and analysis;
  • Electronic signature (AdobeSign, DocuSign or UniverSign).


Highlights of the BlueKanGo solution:

  • Permanent update included in the offer
  • Native integration of the offer to your BlueKanGo platform
  • SaaS platform accessible on all browsers
  • Accessible from anywhere (at work or at home)
  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • Support with personalised follow-up
  • Multilingual


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