Why use the application “SQF certification''?

The Safe Quality Food (SQF) standard manages all procedures from primary production to the retail sale of products in terms of quality and food safety.
It ensures that the HACCP guidelines are applied. It is recognized by all the actors of the production (and distribution) chain, and by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) since 2004.

It is an important standard in the agri-food industry. To succeed in the SQF certification audit, a dedicated software will allow you to ensure product traceability, to organize and collect information in a collaborative EDM. This way, you guarantee the success of the certification audit.

5 good reasons for choosing our tool:

  • Centralize information and documents;
  • Facilitate exchanges (ensure traceability);
  • Share and apply HACCP good practices;
  • Set up pre-audits (self-evaluations);
  • Succeed in the certification audit

Main features:

  • Collaborative EDM: procedures, operating modes, records... ;
  • Audit management and planning;
  • Automatic alerts on deviations/anomalies;
  • Management of non-compliance;
  • Self-evaluation grids;
  • Global action plan centralizing all corrective/preventive actions;
  • Report management;
  • Pre-configured and automated dashboards.

Highlights of the BlueKanGo solution:

  • Native integration with your BlueKanGo platform
  • Accessible on all browsers
  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • Support with personalized follow-up
  • Multilingual
  • Fully customizable


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By Pablo CASTRO, Project Director at BlueKanGo Canada



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