Why use "Site Safety" application"?

Site safety contributes to protect construction site workers and others from death, injury, disease or other health-related risks. 

Our solution helps companies to manage site safety, to identify construction site hazards and to report incidents in real-time.


5 good reasons to choose the solution:

  • Reports and records quickly site hazards and incidents;
  • Improves your site's enforcement  (monitoring, verification and approval process);
  • Ensures your workplace safety and health compliance;
  • Saves you time;
  • Reduces your risk.

Main features:

  • Hazard identification tool to track and record site hazards;
  • Incident reporting tool to track and record incidents, near-misses and dangerous occurrences;
  • Investigation and analysis of the event, including root causes & corrective actions;
  • Camera, voice, GPS, and e-signature enabled;
  • Accessible reports and records anytime and anywhere.

Strengths of the BlueKanGo solution:

  • Native integration with your BlueKanGo platform.
  • Accessible on all browsers.
  • Real-time alerts and notifications.
  • Support with personalized follow-up.
  • Multilingual.
  • Fully customizable.


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About BlueKanGo:

BlueKanGo is a global provider of enterprise Quality, Environment, Heath and Safety software solution. With 3,500+ active clients all over the world, our award-winning solution empowers organizations to digitize their management and processes to deliver better, more sustainable and environmentally friendly products and services while improving the safety and quality of work life for their employees.