Why use the "Safety Management" application?

Risk management is the core subject and the main preoccupation of the aircraft managers. Control all risks with the "Safety Program" application.

This application assembles the essential functionalities to control the safety of your airport. It integrates risk assessment and operational management via a global action plan. Your workers and service providers’ feedback are automated (in particular via API).
You can also edit safety, incident and injury reports.

This solution is designed by collaborating with our customers and our experts in safety and aeronautics.

6 good reasons to choose the application:

  • Identify and evaluate risks
  • Guarantee a high level of safety on your site
  • Centralize information on a single platform
  • Share safety procedures with workers and contractors
  • Be notified in real time in case of deviation of risk indicators
  • Manage risks easily via an action plan


Main features:

  • Risk mapping;
  • Incident records;
  • Management of requirements and control measures;
  • Hazard identification and assessment (severity - probability);
  • Management of risk mitigation measures;
  • Overall action plan (task status and assignment management);
  • Assessment team management;
  • Data management and document management EDM (history, versions);
  • Dashboard Safety Management;
  • Automation / Workflows;
  • Reports (PDF);
  • Statistics.

Strengths of the BlueKanGo solution:

  • BlueKanGo platform offers a simple and intuitive ergonomics;
  • Accessible on all browsers;
  • Accessible on smartphones, tablets and computers (Android and IOS)
  • Real-time alerts and notifications;
  • Support;
  • Multilingual;
  • Fully customizable


It all starts with a demo

Expert review about Safety for ground operations

Interview with Pablo CASTRO, Project Manager at BlueKanGo Canada.


Active BlueKanGo platform

About partner: BlueKanGo Canada

BlueKanGo Canada is the Canadian subsidiary of BlueKanGo created in 2017. Our QHSE solution adapts to your needs and your industry, over 3,500 customers have adopted it!

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