Why use the application “Reports and Insights Power BI (Business Intelligence) ” in your company?


Interactive dashboards are generated from Microsoft Power BI. The Microsoft Power BI business intelligence environment integrated into the BlueKanGo platform complements the statistics in all your applications. It helps capitalize on data from the BlueKanGo platform and other data sources (from Human resource management system, Customer Relationship Management, Manufacturing Execution System, Enterprise Resource Planning, IoT, Human resource information system and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol / LDAP).

5 good reasons for choosing our tool:

  • Exploring and track performance with insights;
  • Making decisions by cross-cutting data from BlueKanGo and third-party applications.
  • Performing sharp calculations and format them with graphs to enhance the visual impact of dashboards and reports.
  • Customizing your dashboards and your reports by yourself.
  • Editing dashboard-based reports.


Main features:

  • Pre-configured and automated insights.
  • Customized report editing.
  • Historical management.
  • Roles, users and access management.

Highlights of the BlueKanGo solution:

  • Native integration with your BlueKanGo platform
  • Accessible on all browsers
  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • Support with personalized follow-up
  • Multilingual
  • Fully customizable

It all starts with a demo


Active BlueKanGo platform 

About partner:

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI PowerBI is a Microsoft’s Business Intelligence application. This tool analyzes dynamically and displays data from multiple sources.This decision support tool allows the display of accurate insights. It improves the presentation of your current dashboards.