Why use the “Quality of work life” application in your company?

The implementation of a QWL approach is part of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy. The QWL contributes to the sustainability and competitiveness of the company. By focusing on well-being at work, it aims to reduce absenteeism, psychosocial risks and work-related accidents. A good and healthy work environment can attract new talent.
Digital technology allows a successful implementation of a QWL approach and the monitoring of its key elements and performance.

5 good reasons for choosing our tool:

  • Centralize information;
  • Share best practices with your employees and service providers;
  • Collect and follow up on employees' proposals and feedback;
  • Have a global vision of your company's QWL indicators (QWL Barometer) and the situation at each position/department.
  • Carry out satisfaction surveys;

Main features:

  • QWL Barometer
  • Régnier's Abacus method
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Global action plan ;
  • EDM: sharing of best practices (management of histories and versions);
  • Regulatory watch (National Interprofessional Agreement of June 19, 2013, Rebsamen law, etc.);
  • Pre-configured and automated dashboards;
  • APIs (HRIS, CRM, MES, ERP, IoT, HRIS and LDAP...);
  • Customized reports edition.

Highlights of the BlueKanGo solution:

  • Native integration with your BlueKanGo platform
  • Accessible on all browsers
  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • Support with personalized follow-up
  • Multilingual
  • Fully customisable


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