Why use the "People HR" Management application?

You are looking for an application to manage your teams, adaptable and scalable in the aeronautics sector. A tool that centralizes data to manage the necessary training and certifications and to efficiently follow the careers of your workers. The pooling of data entries will allow you to limit errors and save time.
BlueKanGo Canada's application: "People HR" management is also the management of daily life, such as the management of uniforms.

6 good reasons to choose the application:

  • Simplify your processes with a solution that controls the essentials (simpler than an HRIS)
  • Manage HR with data from the application and third-party applications via API connection (payroll, expense reports, time sheets, timekeeping, etc.)
  • Control the authorization and certification of your workers (work permits, etc.)
  • Plan and organize training sessions
  • Share internal procedures with workers and contractors
  • Follow and accompany the careers of your workers

Main features:

  • Worker files
  • Dynamic organization chart
  • Skills mapping
  • Training
  • Management of schedules
  • Leave and absence management
  • Recruitment, interview and application management
  • Management of uniforms (and PPE)
  • Well-being at work (QWL)
  • Dedicated dashboard
  • Document management
  • Automation / Workflows
  • Reports (PDF)
  • Statistics


Strengths of the BlueKanGo solution:

  • BlueKanGo platform offers a simple and intuitive ergonomics;
  • Accessible on all browsers;
  • Accessible on smartphones, tablets and computers (Android and IOS)
  • Real-time alerts and notifications;
  • Support;
  • Multilingual;
  • Fully customizable


Digitize your HR Management for your airport with BlueKanGo :

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About partner: BlueKanGo Canada

BlueKanGo Canada is the Canadian subsidiary of BlueKanGo created in 2017. Our QHSE solution adapts to your needs and your industry, over 3,500 customers have adopted it!

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