Why use the Food Safety Management System?

Food Safety Management System (FSMS) meets the legal obligations of food industries to ensure hygiene safety in the food production chain and the safety of the consumers.

The implementation of FSMS means filling many documents, that must be regularly updated. Digitizing this process reduces the risk of errors due to multiple manual entries and an automated data collection and feedback will save precious time. You can be more reactive thanks to the automatic alert system in case of a detected anomaly/uncoformity on your indicators. You can work in collaborative mode to monitor the application of FSMS on all your sites. Go further: the digital solution will also help you in obtaining ISO 22 000, BRC and IFS certifications.

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6 good reasons to choose the application:

  • Centralize documents and procedures in a single application;
  • Automate the collection and processing of data;
  • Be alerted in case of anomalies/unconformities (monitoring of objectives);
  • Carry out self-assessments;
  • Implement and monitor preventive and corrective measures;
  • Certify yourself thanks to the self-assessment module (ISO 22000, BRC, IFS).


Main features:

  • Electronic document management (EDM);
  • Pre-configured and automated dashboards;
  • Automatic alerts for critical limits;
  • Interactive manufacturing diagrams;
  • Self-assessment grids;
  • HACCP: Digital hazard analysis;
  • CCP/PRP monitoring forms;
  • Non-conformity management;
  • Global Action Plan centralising all preventive/corrective actions;
  • Regulatory watch on food safety.


Highlights of the BlueKanGo solution:

  • Native integration of the offer into your BlueKanGo platform;
  • Accessible on all browsers;
  • Real-time alerts and notifications;
  • Support with personalized follow-up;
  • Multilingual;
  • Fully customizable.


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