Food Safety Culture (FSC) is a collective value, beliefs, and norms that affect the mindset and behavior towards food safety in, throughout, and across an organization.

Undoubtedly, FSC is a priority for the food industry. This industry is taking a crash course in how to develop a food safety culture program that ensures food safety compliance.


Why should you use a “Food Safety Culture” application in your company?

Food Safety Culture (FSC) aims to improve food safety management and compliance by influencing individual and collective actions within the organization.

This food safety software enables organizations to implement written processes and best hygiene practices ensuring that food safety regulations and standards are met. Building smarter food safety management systems, this app embodies the new era of smarter food safety culture organizations.

 Various private standards, such as the BRC (British Global Standard), the IFS (International Featured Standard), the European Regulation (EU n° 2021/382), and the FSSC 22000 standard have been unified around food safety to prevent and detect deviations in their processes that impact product safety, quality, and legality.

 This application is the food safety solution that allows you to establish your approach, minimize risk and ensure the production of safe food for consumers.


6 good reasons for choosing our application:

  • Enhancing communication and training ;
  • Self-assess the level of maturity of its organization ;
  • Set up automatic dashboards ;
  • Proposing methods for improvement and a dedicated action plan ;
  • Harmonizing processes through the dissemination of documents via Electronic Document Management (EDM) accessible at any time and from anywhere ;
  • Monitoring the performance of actions (global actions plan).


Main features:

  • Pre-configured and automated dashboards ;
  • Collaborative EDM: procedures, operating procedures, recordings ;
  • Historical management ;
  • Management of training and habilitations ;
  • Electronic signature with legal value (Universign) ;
  • API (HRIS...) ;
  • Global action plan centralizing all preventive/corrective actions.


Highlights of the BlueKanGo solution:

  • Native integration with your BlueKanGo platform
  • Accessible on all browsers
  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • Support with personalized follow-up
  • Multilingual
  • Fully customizable


It all starts with a demo

People also ask

The Food Safety Culture (FSC) program is a set of related measures or activities aimed at creating collective values, beliefs, and norms that affect the mindset and behavior towards food safety in an organization.

Here is a typical food safety assessment process, a better understanding of the main findings of the assessment will contribute to its improvement: · Review and evaluate policies, documentation, and programs · Inform employees in advance of the preliminary evaluation interaction activities (not to find faults, but to identify opportunities) · Location walk-through (Site tour) · Leadership discussion (briefing for management and key staff to raise awareness) · Use a personalized safety perception survey · Conduct group and individual interviews · Develop reports that focus on actionable items internally

The objective of the FSMS program is to improve food safety management and compliance by influencing individual and collective actions within the organization

A complete food safety management system usually comes in the form of a complete and comprehensive food safety manual. This document can be broken down into several sections: · Food Safety policy setting (nature of the work carried out, the general legal responsibilities, the commitment to HACCP practices, …) · HACCP Introduction (an overview of the HACCP responsibilities) · Critical Control Points · Enforcement officer inspections · Setting up complaints and incident procedures · HACCP Summary (record details of all of the food safety and hygiene risks · Physical Premises Standards (ensure that premises comply with legislation and industry guidance) · Supporting Documentation (HACCP processes, traceability records, forms, …)

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