Why use the application : "FMEA method" ?

Your job requires you to analyze and prevent the risks of failure of a process or a product. This process is included in an approach of continuous improvement (quality) and operating safety. The FMEA method identifies failures as early as possible and to protect yourself from a large series of non-compliant products on the production chain.
It also consists in evaluating the criticality by identifying the causes and effects of failure modes. The method deals with: failure mode, effect analysis and criticality analysis (more info: Combining Risk Assessment & Quality In One Tool - Blog QHSE).

This approach is also recommended for all organizations wishing to obtain or renew a standard or certification.

4 good reasons to choose the application

  • Report data in a unique software
  • Evaluate the criticality of failure points
  • Analyze to reduce risks on products and processes
  • Implement and monitor corrective and preventive measures


Main features

  • Evaluation grid model
  • Failure management (definition, limit of acceptability / criticality, prioritization...)
  • Risk mapping
  • Risk analysis
  • Residual risk calculation
  • Non-compliance management module
  • Dedicated and customizable dashboard
  • Global action plan
  • EDM
  • Report templates (Reliability plan, monitoring plan, quality control plan, preventive maintenance plan, security plan, etc.)
  • Statistics
  • API (LDAP, SIRH, ERP...)
  • Notifications and reminders

Strengths of the BlueKanGo solution :

  • Native integration of the offer to your BlueKanGo platform;
  • Accessible on all browsers;
  • Real-time alerts and notifications;
  • Support with personalized follow-up;
  • Multilingual;
  • Fully customizable.


Reduce risks with the FMEA method:



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