Why use the application “Customer reception management” in your company?

Your establishment is enhanced thanks to a complete, personalized and scalable welcome kit made available to your customers with a dedicated mobile application.
Various essential services are included for hotel and restaurant professionals.
You can easily organize and automate several services such as concierge services, lost and found management, tourist information and satisfaction surveys.

With BlueKanGo's expertise, you benefit from nearly 20 years of experience working with professionals from various industrial backgrounds..


6 good reasons for choosing our application:

  • Save time on the creation and transmission of information;
  • Centralize all your services on a unique platform associated to a mobile application;
  • Homogenize and share your procedures with your customers, your staff and your service providers;
  • Improve customer satisfaction throughout their stay and manage complaints;
  • Be unique with an approach that responds to the current uses of your customers

Main features:

  • Janitorial management;
  • Lost and found management;
  • Pre-arrival information;
  • Satisfaction surveys;
  • Workflows;
  • Customized dashboards;
  • Statistical reporting and analysis.

Highlights of the BlueKanGo solution:

  • Permanent update included in the offer
  • Native integration of the offer to your BlueKanGo platform
  • SaaS platform accessible on all browsers
  • Accessible from anywhere (at work or at home)
  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • Support with personalised follow-up
  • Multilingual


It all starts with a demo

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About BlueKanGo:

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