What is the BlueKanGo’s Marketplace?

The MarketPlace is the leading marketplace designed by BlueKanGo to enhance the efficiency of your Quality, HSE, and ESG departments on a daily basis! With over 100 cutting-edge applications, BlueMarket is the result of 20 years of experience in digitalizing processes across a multitude of industries. These fully customizable models adapt seamlessly to your organization. So don’t waste another second and uncover the full potential of the MarketPlace today!

What is BlueKanGo?

BlueKanGo is much more than just an integrated EHS, Quality, and ESG management platform. With its robust and secure infrastructure, ability to adapt to your organization, and subscription model that includes unlimited users, BlueKanGo meets your performance and compliance requirements.

The platform integrates a simple and ergonomic portal for sharing your information, a document management system with an electronic signature, as well as a comprehensive catalogue of applications built from over 20 years of experience in your industry. The integrated statistics, indicators, and dynamic dashboards allow the management of your activities with unprecedented clarity.

However, BlueKanGo is much more than that! Users also have the opportunity to actively participate in the digital transformation of their organization through the application creation workshop, independently, without programming skills (No-Code Solution).

With its native multi-platform compatibility on desktop, tablet, and smartphone, and a dedicated app for iOS and Android, BlueKanGo is the solution that adapts to your needs, not the other way around.

BlueKanGo is the software you need to drive your business towards a smarter and more efficient future.


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