What is BlueMarket?

BlueMarket is a marketplace that shows the best applications for the BlueKanGo digital platform. Applications are built either by BlueKanGo’s partners or by BlueKanGo’s internal solution experts.
To gain access to the applications in the MarketPlace, you have to subscribe to BlueKanGo. To activate an application, you need to contact BlueKanGo to find out the pricing and delivery terms of the application(s).

What is BlueKanGo?

Each organization relies on processes to :

  • Ensure the conformity of its products and/or services in order to market them
  • Improve the satisfaction of its customers,
  • Guarantee the health and safety of its employees,
  • Prevent industrial risks or limit its environmental impacts…

BlueKanGo is the digital solution to manage them. It is what we call a BPM: Business Process Management.

The BlueKanGo platform is delivered in SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) mode, available online , with a powerful and secure infrastructure. The solution is designed for business managers. All types of processes could be managed.
This MarketPlace benefits from the result of 20 years of experience in the digitization of business processes, BlueKanGo is the reference player in the market.

How does BlueKanGo work?

The BlueKanGo software is “No-Code”. It is not necessary to master a programming language to use it. The platform has fully customizable tools such as an application design workshop, a design workshop to customize the platform, an electronic document management (EDM) or an API module to synchronize data with other solutions. BlueKanGo is known for its ability to adapt to complex organizations (multi-site, multi-entity).
Each BlueMarket application is fully customizable and can be adapted to your organization by a simple configuration.

About BlueKango

Founded in 2002, BlueKanGo currently equips more than 3,500 organizations worldwide in a wide range of sectors (health, industry, food processing, construction, etc.). The company’s headquarter is in Rennes (France) and employs over 100 people. BlueKanGo has a strong growth (30% per year). The company is implemented in many countries (Singapore, Poland, Spain, Ivory Coast, Canada…).
BlueKanGo regularly enriches BlueMarket according to the needs of companies and the privileged partnerships of its ecosystem.