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BlueKanGo E-Permit to work

E-Permit to work

The permit to work is a document that authorizes a specified number of people to perform specific work at a defined location within a limited time frame. It describes the tasks to be carried out, the associated EHS hazards and the safety measures to be implemented.

BlueKanGo Digitize  your QMS for better efficiency

Digitize  your QMS for better efficiency

As an HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality) Manager, it’s essential to routinely perform audits to guarantee the efficient functioning of processes and activities within your organization. Sometimes, the primary hurdle you may encounter is the limited availability of time and resources, making it challenging to execute your mission effectively. Concurrently, you must verify that your documents and procedures align with regulatory and normative standards. The volume of data to analyze can be substantial, particularly when managing multiple certifications.

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