Each month, discover our selection of applications for your BlueKanGo platform. In November, we will be focusing on an essential application to manage quality within your company: the Quality Management System (QMS) application. 

The implementation and effectiveness of a QMS rely on a rigorous and supervised organization. Therefore, the involvement of several departments in the company is important. 

Such a system is expected to provide quantified results and regular report on the actions implemented, for instance the management reviews.

Digitisation of the QMS is essential to organize a QMS effectively and share procedures.

This application integrated with the BlueKanGo platform provides you with

  • collaborative document management;
  • global actions plan;
  • pre-configured and customizable forms;
  • monitoring of quality indicators;
  • monitoring of reference systems;
  • etc.

Available in several languages and for multi-site, discover the Quality Management System application by BlueKanGo:

Discover the Application

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