Each month, discover the new applications available for your BlueKanGo platform. In September, focus on the ISO 14001 application, which helps you organise and pass the certification.

Environment is an important issue for companies. The international standard ISO 14001 provides you with a recognised methodology to meet current environmental requirements. You need to be organised and manage your actions in order to be certified. The ISO 14001 application for the BlueKanGo platform includes all the elements to meet your needs for this standard.

With this application you can:

  • Collect and organise evidence;
  • Self-assess and adjust your procedures if necessary;
  • Set up and monitor a global actions plan.

The BlueKanGo platform is available on all media, multi-site and multilingual.

More information about ISO 14001?

Discover the ISO 14001 Application

Other standards are available on our MarketPlace, such as the Quality: ISO 9001 and Safety:ISO 45001.

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