Each month, discover the best applications for your BlueKanGo platform. In January: How do you select and track the quality of your suppliers? They contribute to the image of your products and services. With your BlueKanGo platform and EcoVadis data, you can efficiently manage their evaluation.

Several key steps are essential to establish a successful supplier evaluation. They consist mainly of identifying future suppliers to be evaluated, setting up the evaluation criterias, analyzing data and setting up alerts in case of deviation from your requirements. Thus, You can better compare your suppliers and get a better quality/price ratio for a partner who shares your level of requirements. 

With EcoVadis, you can get information on key criteria: Environmental, Social & Human Rights, Ethical and Responsible Purchasing.

Thanks to this application you can :

  • Identify suppliers that meet your criteria
  • Evaluate the quality of your suppliers
  • Carry out incoming inspections
  • Monitor performance indicators
  • etc…

Digitize your suppliers evaluation:

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